How can brands seize the opportunity presented by 610 million active online shoppers? [1] E-commerce in China differs vastly from Western standards. Business is conducted on platforms like Tmall, Taobao and JD. Amazon, Paypal and brand-operated online shops generally do not work. Neither do most western learnings and strategies apply. Yet, brands like Cosnova have figured it out. Read on to learn:

  • What are the opportunities in the Chinese e-commerce market in detail?
  • What are the top 3 mistakes by brands?
  • How did Cosnova successfully seize the market and how can you do it too?
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Table of Contents:

  • A Great Market for European…

AliExpress is attacking the uncontested market leader in Europe. Brands and sellers benefit by listing and advertising on the platform.

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While most of the Covid-impacted Europeans have been home-shopping on Amazon, AliExpress has continued to silently yet aggressively grow into the market. AliExpress is a subsidiary of the Chinese behemoth, Alibaba Group. On the surface its marketplace allows consumers to buy mainly cheap Chinese merchandise. Its appearance is colorful and noisy to unaccustomed eyes.

There is more to the story. Up and coming Chinese brands, like Xiaomi, offer what might be called a brand experience to European taste. Products of first European brands that sell direct, like Kimbo Coffee in Italy and more than 10,000 mostly smaller Spanish companies, are…

Marketing Leaders: How to get more awareness and sales growth while spending less? The current crisis and deep tech offer a promising solution.

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The massive shift in retail because of the coronavirus outbreak has its effects on e-commerce and influencer marketing in particular. While e-commerce sales in some categories are taking a nosedive, others are growing strongly. Think travel vs. food delivery.

At the same time influencer marketing is changing. Just six weeks ago, influencer marketing was slated to become a $9.7 billion business in 2020.[1] Now we are seeing a very mixed picture. Many brands are postponing sponsored posts…

E-Commerce Leaders: How to build a data-driven Amazon strategy that wins market share?

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A paradigm shift in Amazon strategies offers an unprecedented opportunity for growth. Finally, some brands are escaping the dominant trial-and-error approach in e-commerce. As first movers they transform their categories with strategies based on data science.

In my daily business, I am talking to decision makers at brands about the opportunities and risks of their Amazon business. Recently, I have had an intense conversation with a VP of E-Commerce at a particularly well-performing European kitchen supplies brand. What follows is my recollection of our conversation.

Jan Dominik Gunkel: In recent months, your sales have grown considerably despite the competitive market environment your products are in. What is your secret?

Brand VP

Business leaders, Entrepreneurs: What should you do to prepare for business success in a post corona economy?

With all the uncertainty around the Coronavirus, it is difficult to assess what a viable medium to long term strategy for a business should look like these days. But as many businesses have implemented their immediate measures, the question “What’s next” forces itself into focus.

Reports were initially fluctuating between “it won’t be so bad” and “this will change the world forever”. They are lately normalizing towards a consensus that after a short couple of months of lock downs there will be a…

Jan Dominik Gunkel

MBA, Studied at Berkeley and WHU, Ex-Strategy-Consultant, Author, E-Commerce Expert, Entrepreneur.

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